Volunteer at Your Club – the Buffalo Cigar Club

As a member of the Buffalo Cigar Club, you may know that we are a non-profit private club. As a private club, we rely strictly on volunteers to help us out when it comes to bartending and other incidental things at the lounge.  You may notice that you can drink AND smoke at the Buffalo Cigar Club.  That comes with a requirement that volunteers must come from our membership.  If we were a regular bar, for example, you would not be able to enjoy the pleasures of the leaf while you partake in your favorite beverage.
Buffalo Cigar Club is looking for those members that want to help us make the club the best thing going in WNY, folks that have a few hours here and there to spare.  We are in need of people with bartending ability (or those that want to learn), people that can work a register and also those that can provide general assistance, especially during some of our bigger events.  If you have an interest, we ask you to please fill out the following form: